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Software Gestionale Pack

“Il Gestionale”

The IL GESTIONALE software offers advanced features for invoicing, warehouse, document management and much more. The Software House, therefore, create and develop custom software or ready-to-use software solutions to meet specific customer needs. In this regard, theOur management software will offer you a complete overview of your business activity, allowing for better organization and increased efficiency. It will provide you with tools and features to manage daily operations and track sales. Our software house’s business management software works through a combination of central databases, specific modules and intuitive interfaces that guarantee maximum results with minimum effort.

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Data analysis

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business accounting


Intuitive design

With IL GESTIONALE APP you have the power to manage your business at your fingertips. Let our software house’s app become your secret weapon to access the most important business features, directly from your mobile device. With just a few taps, you can have complete control over all key aspects of your business. This way you will simplify business management in an efficient and practical way. With Win Software’s IL GESTIONALE APP, you will be able to make informed decisions, optimize processes and maximize the operational efficiency of your company. No matter where you are, control is always in your hands.

Software Gestionale Pack

WS Truck

WS TRUCK is the transport management software that will revolutionize the efficiency and productivity of your transport and logistics company. With a simple and intuitive interface, this cutting-edge software allows you to quickly and precisely manage your business. Our software house with WS TRUCK will allow you to coordinate the work of different people in a synergistic way, obtaining extraordinary results, thanks to detailed analyses, in terms of time saving and cost optimization. Our software will provide you with the tools you need to plan and monitor all transportation operations.

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Personal data

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Travel Management

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electronic invoicing



Easy to use

Connecting the entire company supply chain, putting offices in contact with those who are on the move, providing a service to clients and seeking answers from the sub-carrier have become the necessities of every transport company. Our software house makes all this possible with WS TRUCK APP, in a simple, immediate and safe way. The WS TRUCK APP was created to cover the needs of all company areas, to be able to use it at various levels and above all to create that added value compared to your competitors which will allow you to be chosen by clients!

Software Gestionale Pack

WS Digital

In the fast-paced digital age of business, online communication is a crucial factor for success. There’s no denying that a powerful digital presence can make a difference in achieving your business goals. If you want to enhance your online presence, contact WS DIGITAL. Our web division is here to offer you tailor-made solutions, capable of making your business shine thanks to the creation of a business plan and targeted marketing strategies. Therefore, with our expertise in the creation of personalized websites, with the professional management of social networks, the creation of extraordinary graphic productions and SEO optimization, you will finally be able to obtain an effective online presence that will distinguish you from the competition.

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Website creation

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Social media management

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Graphic creations

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