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Our MANAGEMENT APP offers you the opportunity to manage your business activity effectively wherever you are. Our intuitive application allows you to access the key features of our IL GESTIONALE software directly from your mobile device. Manage agents, item catalogue, customers, orders and eCommerce quickly and easily, ensuring maximum operational efficiency for your company.

How the app works

The MANAGEMENT APP allows you to access the customer and/or supplier area to view and modify all the information in the registry. You can consult your bank statement, make statistics on turnover and obtain any type of statistics on the best-selling items.

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In the IL GESTIONALE app, both the administrator and the agent themselves can view their customers‘ bank statements and sales transactions, including turnover and commission statements. Here you will also find the details of the commissions for each individual document, highlighting the commissions actually accrued based on the payments received.

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The software allows you to view the status of customer and supplier orders, with details on the goods ordered. Furthermore, you can place an order on the move, viewing statistical details for each item and the related physical and virtual stock. In the case of supplier orders, the latest prices agreed with the supplier will also be highlighted. You can access the tax documents area to view and analyze each document. You will be able to consult the body and header of the document itself and, if available, open any generated PDF.

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In the warehouse area, you will find an overview of the items present, with the possibility of filtering them by code, description and personal data classifications. You will also be able to view in the app purchase and sales statistics for each item, purchase lists, physical and virtual stocks and analyze any points of sale.

With the Win Software Management app, you have all the resources necessary to better manage your company, optimizing processes and guaranteeing complete control of activities. Choose our software and simplify your business activity in an efficient and practical way.

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The app for companies with points of sale will allow you to view the list of cash register closures for each point of sale, highlighting the payment methods used. You will also have access to the live sales of each store, exploring it both by analytical totals and by product classification, highlighting the total sold and the relative percentage of the total turnover.

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Thanks to the statistics you will have a monthly statement of costs and revenues, with comparisons compared to the same period of the previous year. You will also be able to view the result by product classification, with relative period comparisons.

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The accounting area provides you with information on customer and supplier balances, a view of the economic picture of costs and revenues with comparison with the set budgets and a financial picture that highlights the health of the company.


You can download our application for your smartphone by simply clicking on the button representing your operating system.