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Software Gestionale Pack

WS Truck

The WS Truck software is the ideal ally for logistics and transport companies. With its simplicity and intuitiveness, it allows you to effectively manage the activities carried out by different people, guaranteeing exceptional results in terms of time savings, cost optimization and fleet monitoring. It is your work partner who brings you success.

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Personal data

WS TRUCK makes personal data simple and detailed. With just one required field, like vehicle license plate, you can save essential information and add details later. We respect the importance of time in starting a business management software in the transportation sector. Furthermore, our transport management software allows you to attach photos, documents, manage deadlines, costs and all useful information for a transport company. If you already have software, you can easily import existing records.

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Cost management in the transportation sector is fundamental to the efficiency and profitability of companies. Thanks to WS TRUCK you will have at your disposal a complete software for managing transport costs, which covers every aspect, from fuel to insurance. With our transport management system and other specialized tools, you can monitor costs in real time, create detailed reports and make data-based decisions to optimize business efficiency. Manage costs strategically and intelligently to improve your transport business with WS TRUCK.

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Travel Management

Trip management on WS Truck is an essential tool for transport companies. Thanks to this feature, you can plan, organize and track your trips efficiently. From loading to delivery, each phase is managed precisely, allowing you to optimize resources, save time and improve the productivity of operators and hauliers. With WS Truck, you have full control over your journeys and can ensure smooth and hassle-free management of your transport operations.

Transform your transport company with WS TRUCK. The cutting-edge software that will revolutionize logistics management, optimizing costs, ensuring traceability and simplifying every operation. Choose excellence for your business and take your company to the next level with WS TRUCK!

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Business accounting

Corporate accounting is a crucial element for the financial management of a transport company. With WS TRUCK, our cutting-edge software, you can simplify and automate the entire accounting process. From recording revenue and expenses, to managing suppliers and generating detailed financial reports, WS TRUCK gives you all the tools you need to keep tabs on your company’s financial health. Make your business accounting efficient and effective with WS TRUCK!

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Management control

Management control is essential to monitor and optimize company performance in the transport sector. With WS TRUCK, our dedicated software, you will be able to analyze operational, financial and production data in detail, identifying the strengths and critical points of your business. With advanced reporting and analytics tools, you can make informed decisions, improve operational efficiency and maximize profits. With WS TRUCK management control, take your business to the next level in the transportation industry.

WS Truck APP

Our transport software will allow you to connect all company areas. Ensuring communication between offices and mobile staff, offering efficient customer service and collaborating with sub-carriers are fundamental needs in the transport sector today. The WS TRUCK APP is the solution that responds to these needs, offering a simple, immediate and secure interface. With WS TRUCK you will be able to satisfy different business needs and stand out from your competitors, offering added value that will win over clients.